Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval Tees open for new times

Vanderpump Rules' Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval Tees have new opening dates because fans find Sandoval unfamiliar in the new film.

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Tom Schwartz And Tom Sandoval Getting ready for the grand opening of their new bar, Schwartz and Sandy.

After sharing their plans to open a new venue for the first ninth season Vanderpump rules In 2021, Schwartz and Sandoval, who took over the project Lisa Vanderpump And Why ToddTheir partners at TomTom are offering an update on the bar’s upcoming opening.

“We don’t have a tough date, but we’re going to see it as late July,” Sandoval said in the May 25 episode. To me after dark Podcast, via Heavy. “We had to be committed to an event, so we had to be ready for that event in July. So we’ll probably be open to the public there soon. “

According to Schwartz, he and Sandoval have been “hyped” about opening their doors, which he admits “has been around for a long time.” And, having been “rough” when their new spot opened, he believes fans will enjoy the vibe.

“It’s like a notched, fun, semi-tropical cocktail lounge,” he teased. “We will be playing music, delicious cocktails. It’s like a friendly neighborhood lounge. I think people will really dig into it. We love Franklin Village. I think I can speak for Tom and me, it’s all like my favorite neighborhood in Los Angeles. “

“It’s a really great neighborhood … we hope the neighborhood will embrace us because we’re so proud to be a part of it,” Schwartz continued.

Regarding her and Sandoval’s cocktail offer, Schwartz said that her favorite is their pistachio milk.

“Everyone likes My Tais. So you have a mai in your hand, life is good, looking for things, ”he explained.

Looking back on creating their drink lineup, Sandoval said that he and Schwartz have created the concoction themselves, they are getting second opinions from other professionals.

“We brought in, I think we had about 30, we’ve reduced it to 20 now. Of course we’re going to shrink it. It’s always good to be able to bounce ideas against someone if I just give [Scheana Shay] A drink, he’s going to be like, ‘Oh! That’s good! ‘ But someone in the industry, you know, a well-known mixologist, you might be like, ‘Okay, I’m thinking of a chili-chocolate beater or we’ll do more’ … all those things, “Sandoval explained.

“We have a nice balance of cocktails and I think you’ll feel just as comfortable getting shots and beer there. And trust me, it will be on the menu, “Schwartz added.

Others Pump rulesSandoval became a hot topic of conversation on Reddit last month after his girlfriend, Ariana MadixShe shared the photo below on her Instagram story, compared to it McLean Culkin, To Mickey RourkeAnd others.

Vanderpump rules Tom Sandoval looks unfamiliar in the photo with Ariana Madix

“Looks like Sandy Ethan Hawke“One person said.

“I think so Kevin Bacon – Haha, “replied another.

A third fan said they “didn’t recognize him for a moment” and noted that “the light makes him look a little gray but not necessarily in a bad way.”

“I am getting it Stephen King Vibes, ”said another.

“I was thinking Jim Carey lmao, ”shared another.

Another fan asked, “It’s not really Tom, is it !?” And another wrote, “Oh my God… I didn’t think she was Sandy, she looked so different.”

Vanderpump rules Season 10 is expected to go into production sometime in the coming weeks, which means fans will probably see the opening of new bars at Schwartz and Sandoval.

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