Toxicology reports reveal that Dwayne Huskins was legally intoxicated at the time

Additional details surrounding the former’s death Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Dwayne Huskins The medical examiner’s report was released on Monday.

Huskins died earlier this year after being hit by a dump truck on the Florida Interstate.

A toxicology report released Monday by the Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that the 24-year-old had at least 0.20% blood alcohol at the time of his autopsy, more than double the legal limit of .08% in Florida. An unknown amount of ketamine and narcotamine was found in his system. A separate investigation into the incident revealed that Huskins went to a club and “drank heavily” the night before his death.

A Steelers spokesman told investigators that prior to the crash, Huskins was training with teammates in the Miami area before finally going to a club with his “cousin / friend”.

According to the autopsy report, Huskins’ death was declared an accident, with “multiple blunt force injuries” listed as the cause of death.

He was killed on the morning of April 9 after trying to cross the lanes of oncoming interstate 595. In a 911 call, his wife informed the sender that he had run out of gas and he went for a walk and found a gas station. According to a medical examiner, I-595 was “seen rocking the car” before hitting Huskins.

Investigators say they found Huskins’ car on the interstate with a female colleague inside the car who said he was looking for a gas station. The woman’s relationship with Huskins was not disclosed in the report.

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