Twitter responds to Migos breakup rumors after unfollowing offset Kovavo and takeoff

Migos Fans are currently upset that news of a possible split has sent social media reels.

On Wednesday, Social media users noticed that the offset unfollowed peer group members on Instagram. The observation happened coincidentally on the same day Coavo And To fly Cover art unveiling for their upcoming single, “Hotel lobby.”

On the official Migos Instagram page, the song’s caption reads, “Hotel Lobby x Unc & Phew !!” This led many to believe that the record would be released under a new name for a potential group that only included a pair of real-life uncles and nephews.

This is not the first time a Migos member has been dropped from the release. Takeoff was notoriously absent from their hits “Bad and understandable,” Although the offset was not an early independent hit of the group due to his imprisonment. However, this scenario seems to be different considering the fact that not too many pictures have been taken together since joining the group. “Donda 2” Listening party February.

Coyavo has also started working on its own initiative, landing a lead role in the upcoming film “Acquisition.” Music was recorded alone with Takeoff Lil Wayne And Rich the Kid. Offset has been rebranded as a dedicated family man, swallowing its cover. Summary With her and Cardi B’s beautiful babies. He is also involved with the fashion industry.

Despite their personal efforts as a solo album, the first day has been watched by Migos fans year after year as the group always reunites and supports each other. For this reason, the offset seems to express problems in the paradise of bando music without following his group mates. Hopefully, the boys are just having a friendly disagreement.

Check out some of Twitter’s weird reactions to the breakup rumors.

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