Twitter users respond to Dr. Umar talking to a white woman at NJ Mall

Thursday, Dr. Umar Ra It has been seen Cherry Hill Mall Inside New Jersey Apparently someone is flirting with a nonAfrica Women

The video shows the two having a light conversation and exchanging numbers.

However, on TwitterDr Omar responded to the video by confirming that he was indeed at Cherry Hill Mall but that he was not trying to talk to the non-African woman.

“Yeah, I was at Cherry Hill Mall today,” he tweeted.

“My iPhone crashed last night and the nearest Apple store with today’s appointment was in Jersey.” He continued, “As I was leaving the mall, I stopped at a kiosk to see incense and crystals. That non-African woman is just a saleswoman. “

Many fans and users were confused when they saw the video, of course they responded in such a way that we all knew they would.

Recently, Dr. Umar LeBron criticized Bruny, son of James, for luring a white girl.

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