Umar Johnson responded to the mall video with the white woman

You know, one would think that the self-proclaimed “prince of pan-Africanism”, Dr. Umar Johnson, would have more sense of humor than himself.

Breakfast Club.  Umar Johnson

Source: REVOLT

Hotepopia’s King Hotep hasn’t seen his own video?

Doesn’t Donationnnnns, the small town mayor of Gifffffffffs, realize that his opposition constantly overwhelms his ideals and makes his audience laugh at him more than they admire him? I mean, I understand that man wants to be taken seriously as a revolutionary, but we can’t help but notice that his humorous appeal is matched only by his exciting ability to combine rhyming words with “race.”

Dr. Omar Johnson explains why he photographed with a white woman

My point is, when Johnson was caught on camera with Karen at the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey, he had to know that jokes were coming. It doesn’t matter if the guy (who never gets a chance to mention how anti-selfish he is) was actually flirting with a white woman. Optics alone were enough to pull Black Twitter up and down, just as Black Twitter was in the deep south, and he was just, well, caught up with a white woman.

Black Twitter has gone crazy with a picture of Dr. Umar Johnson with a white woman

Remember this guy?

How about him?

What I’m saying is that if you caught Mall Candace Owens in such a way that he was trying to shoot his shot at LeBron James, what he had to say about it would be weird and kind of ridiculous. How surprised can he be that people are joking?

Umar should have been ready.

All Johnson had to do was ignore what could be a flavor-of-the-hour subject or laugh with everyone else. Instead, he went on a rampage and went deep into the “you protest too much” area.

“Yeah, I was at Cherry Hill Mall today,” he tweeted. “My iPhone crashed last night and the nearest Apple store with today’s appointment was in Jersey. As I was leaving the mall, I stopped at a kiosk to see the incense and crystals. That non-African woman is just a saleswoman. “

He then began to explain himself, becoming increasingly aggressive about it.

“If you don’t believe me Dusty Snowball Lovers Betamels, please go to the mall and ask him personally if we’ve exchanged phone numbers,” he wrote, “according to Newszone, Johnson wrote in a separate post.

And he wasn’t done there. He also took to Instagram to address allegations of jungle fever that no one cared about.

I’m sure her sister Brown Suga Queen and the pregnant ones feel very comfortable knowing their no-snow-tape kang is still dedicated to black love.

It’s too bad he doesn’t seem to have the same energy for his black smile. This sh ** was just funny, bro. Calm down.

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