Uninterrupted behavior: Atlanta police have arrested a man who threatened to blow up Tyler

After leaving a voicemail at Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta police officers arrested Coles Arashed where he threatened to blow up the place.

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Launched and running by Tyler Perry Studios, it provides opportunities for Atlanta people and even out-of-towners in the film industry. Some people looking for opportunities or blessings now have a position to notice when they want to do their fine work. According to TMZ, Tyler Perry broke up with a caller at the studio after he was not allowed to speak to Tyler Perry and lost it.

After not allowing Perry to speak, he became annoyed and was blocked from calling. He left a voicemail and called again, threatening to blow up the studio. Tyler Perry Studios took the threat seriously and contacted authorities, who were able to identify Cole Arrashid.

Hopefully, he has learned his lesson about threatening people.

Arrashid was arrested on May 13 for making terrorist threats against the studio. After being held in Fulton County Jail, Cole was later released on 5k bond. The charges carry an offense under Georgian law and can carry a serious prison term. Let it be a lesson: Tyler Perry Studio is not a place for stupidity.

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