United Airlines employee who slapped soccer player fired

The United Airlines That employee slaps AFFormer NFL player A. Newark Airport Has been fired.

Among these are viral arguments Former Denver Broncos cornerback Brendon Langley And the unidentified former employee took place inside New Jersey Airport on Thursday. The fight started when Langley used a wheelchair to transport his luggage instead of a luggage cart. The conversation began and his United Airlines uniformed staffer confronted Langley from behind the counter. In one clip, the worker was seen slapping Athlete 27 years old, Who punches several strong punches, knocks the employee down. His face was covered with blood while lying on the floor. Then he stumbles on his leg to face Langley again, who is heard shouting, “You want more? He wants more!”

Langley was eventually arrested and charged with aggravated assault. He has since been suspended indefinitely Calgary Stampeders, With a team Canadian Football League. Langley signed a contract with the franchise in February.

Langley’s attorney, Alan Jackson, Says his client was “thinking about his business through the airport” when staff called him several names, including “d ***” and a “p *** y”.

The employee was fired, but no charges were filed against him. Langley maintained that he was acting in self-defense.

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