US ,000 78,000 gets infant formula

About the cursed time! A military aircraft delivered enough specialty baby formula to be used for more than half a million baby bottles in Indianapolis on Sunday.

It is the first of several flights expected to arrive from Europe and will help offset the country’s formula deficit, which has worried many parents.

President Joe Biden called it the “Operation Fly Formula” and called for the use of Air Force planes because there were no commercial flights available, the New York Post reported.

The source weighed 78,000 pounds (35,380 kilograms), White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre told reporters, and Biden arrived in Air Force One as soon as he flew from South Korea to Japan.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Wilsak met with Biman to welcome the arrival of the first shipment to Indianapolis.

Brian Diz, director of the White House National Economic Council, said the flights were meant to provide “some extended relief in the coming days” as the government continues to work for a better and long-term response to the deficit.

DJ told CNN’s “State of the Union” that Sunday’s flight came with a 15% specialized medical grade formula that was needed nationwide and that due to various government measures, stores should have more formulas earlier this week. “

For a long-term approach, he said, the United States needs more formula suppliers “so that no individual agency has so much control over the supply chain.”

The Biden administration has worked to address the nationwide shortage of formulas, especially hypoallergenic varieties. The crisis erupted after the country’s largest domestic manufacturing plant closed in Michigan earlier this year due to safety concerns.

The White House has announced that 132 pallets of Nestle Health Sciences Alfamino Infant and Alfamino Jr. formulas are scheduled to leave Rammstein Air Base in Germany for the United States. Another 114 palettes from the Garber Good Start Extensive HA formula are expected to arrive in the next few days. Altogether, about 1.5 million 8-ounce bottles of the three formulas, hypoallergenic for those who are allergic to cow’s milk protein, are expected to arrive this week.

Indianapolis was chosen as the Formula Large Delivery Receiver because it is a Nestl ড distribution hub. The formula will be placed in a FedEx semi-tractor-trailer and transported to a nearby Nestle distribution center where the company will conduct a quality control test before sending supplies to hospitals, pharmacies and doctors’ offices, according to an administrative official.

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