Uvalade gunman threatened to rape and shoot at school on Ubo app

Before an event like Uvalade shooting, the symptoms are always there, making the tragedies even more devastating knowing that they could have been avoided.


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According to reports from CNNThe gunman, Salvador Ramos, told the girls that he would rape them, show them a rifle he had bought, and even threatened to shoot schools in the livestream on a social media app called Ubo.

Unfortunately, teenage users of the app told the outlet that they did not take Ramos seriously until they received news that he had shot and killed 19 children and two adults at an elementary school this week.

Three users reported CNN They have discovered that the shooter is being threatened with sexual violence or school shootings by Yubo, an app used by millions of young people around the world. All of those users said they reported his account to Ubo for the threat, but Ramos was able to maintain a presence on the platform.

Not only were the signs there, they were bright

A Yubo direct message shows that Ramos allegedly sent a user a রস 2,000 receipt to buy his gun online from a Georgia-based firearms manufacturer.

“Gun annoying,” user responds. “No,” Ramos wrote again, alleging.

“We are deeply sorry for the inconvenient loss and are fully cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation,” a spokesman for Ubo told CNN in a statement. “Ubo takes user safety seriously and is investigating an account that has been banned from the platform.”

To make things more insane and frightening, Texas Congressman Tony Gonzalez Uvalade says the gunman was arrested four years ago, where he revealed plans to carry out exactly what he did earlier this week.

The then-14-year-old was arrested for “shooting at a school when I am a senior in 2022.”

Absolutely awesome.

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