Uvalade police failed to co-operate in the district investigation

Uvalde Police Department continues to make headlines.


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We all know that the Uvalde Police Department has been under a lot of investigation since the officers’ video showed Rob standing outside the elementary school when an 18-year-old gunman brutally killed 19 children and two adults inside the school.

Steven McCrae, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, explained that the school district police chief Wanted to wait for backup. He also explained how big a mistake that decision was.

So, if the Uvalade police want to restore any sign of public confidence, they will not have a good start if they fail to co-operate in investigating the police response during the shooting.

Uvalade police department and school district are not cooperating in the investigation of the genocide

However, sources say that is exactly what is happening.

The U.S. Department of Police and the U.S. Department of Public Schools and the Texas Department of Public Safety are not cooperating with the state’s investigation into the genocide and law enforcement response at Rob Elementary School, multiple law enforcement sources told ABC News.

A DPS spokesman told ABC that law enforcement agencies were cooperating with investigators, but “the CISD police chief in Uvalade gave an initial interview but did not respond to a request for a follow-up interview with the Texas Rangers that was made two days ago.”

State police, meanwhile, are pursuing an initial report that a teacher used a rock to open the entrance door to Salvador Ramos before killing innocent students and teachers.

Officials say the doors to Rob Primary School were not open

According to the Associated Press, officials have now determined that an anonymous teacher helped open the door, but realizing there was a gunman in the building, he removed the stone and closed the door.

“We checked to see if he had closed the door. Didn’t lock the door. We know and now investigators are investigating why it was not locked, “said Travis Considine, DPS chief communications officer.

Investigators were able to determine this after extensive surveillance footage from the day of the shootings, and officials initially said after leaving the door open for Ramos to enter.To some, law enforcement may feel that people are pointing fingers at the police for a serious failure to enter the school and stop the shooter immediately, in an attempt to throw a teacher under the bus.

But Concidin makes things clear that the teacher “came back to his phone, he heard someone shouting, ‘He has a gun!’, He saw him jump the fence and he had a gun, so he went back inside,” and Rock removal. One could argue that he acted more urgently than the police.

No matter how anyone may feel about how the police responded to the shooting, anyone with common sense would agree that failing to cooperate in the investigation is not a good thing for them.

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