Uvalade school shooter’s grandfather says genocide “not drowned yet;”

Grandfather of the school shooter Salvador Ramos His silence is broken after its tragic murder 19 children In the hands of his grandson.

Roland Reyes Speaking of Salvador, who lived with him and his wife, Celia Martinez Gonzalez. The 72 years old He said that because of his criminal past, he was not allowed to keep a gun in his house and would have informed his grandson if he had known about them. Salvador, K. 16 May 18 years old, He bought a weapon the day after his birthday And again May 20th. Rolando said that on the morning of the shooting, Salvador and his grandmother had a minor dispute over his phone bill. He then shot her in the face and fled with his weapon in his truck, which contained at least one AR-15. Rolando was not present. After destroying the car in a ditch, Salvador enters nearby Rob Primary School And fired.

When asked if he believed the attack was premeditated, Rolando admitted he was unsure.

I can’t say whether he planned to do it or not. It’s a question that will haunt me for the rest of my life, “he told The Post.

Salvador documented his confused plans on the morning of the tragedy. “I’m going to shoot my grandmother,” he wrote in a Facebook post. In a follow-up, he wrote, “I shot my grandmother.” Celia is in critical condition at a San Antonio hospital. In his third and final post, shortly after Rob came to Elementary, he wrote, “I’m going to do an elementary school shoot.”

Rolando said his grandson showed no signs of violence but was very calm. He dropped out of high school and refused to return. When Rolando presses him about it, Salvador stops him.

In total, Salvador was killed 21 people, Including 19 students, and two teachers Who have tried their best to protect the children. Salvador was killed by responding officers.

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