Vasectomy companies have reached out to Nick Cannon to be the spokesperson

Following the news that Nick Cannon may soon be quitting his ubiquitous baby-making work, he has released some information that further explains his recent vasectomy advice.

Nick Cannon Presentation: MTV Wild 'n Out Live - Atlanta, GA

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Earlier this week, The Wild ‘n out They stopped The Big Tiger Morning Show To address her dating life, if her child’s mothers match, and much more. After his remarks a few days before Vasectomy consultation, he further revealed that he had received offers from several spokespersons from companies seeking surgery.

“Not all the time?” Nick answers if he wants to have another child in the future. “My bag was different then. I just want to be responsible as a parent and through the whole process, of course, I didn’t set out [for this to happen]I just want to be the best dad I can be and lean towards it. “

He continued, “I hug all my kids, I love kids, but I didn’t want to be Father Abraham, I hugged it. A lot of people have a lot of kids and they keep it a bit quiet or they don’t talk about it, I lean towards me. “

Later, he had the possibility of having a vasectomy, revealing how he could get another paycheck for the surgery.

“I had to go for counseling,” Canon said when asked about the procedure. “First, every vasectomy, all the companies were DM-in, told me to be a spokesperson, so there’s a bag in it. You know I can always find a bag. “

And whether the mothers of her children all reunite with each other: “They don’t have to, they will all reunite with me!”

You can hear Nick Cannon’s presence The Big Tiger Morning Show Here for yourself.

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