Viola Davis says a director once called her “Lewis” after her maid

Viola Davis says that despite her position in Hollywood, she has experienced regular racism, especially from someone who referred to her as her hired help.

The Oscar-winning actress gave an interview to Variety during the Cannes Film Festival on Women in Motion. He expressed the idea that regardless of his high level in the industry, there are some challenges that he could not overcome.

One of these hurdles is writing scripts for dark-skinned black women as lead actors, such as the dark-skinned middle-aged woman in her mid-50s who went through a sexual awakening, while Hollywood is still very stereotyped. And “fit” when it comes to an actor’s look. In this case, he is referring to racism, TMZ reported.

But, a startling experience she discusses is that she knew and befriended a longtime director who accidentally called her “Lewis”, the name of her work girl.

Viola made it clear that the incident happened relatively early in her career, but she still believes that such “micro-aggression” often occurs.

His main point is that working with black actors is not given such a big material, especially according to the movie which will be an Oscar-worthy performance like their white opponents. OK, unless they play a role in stereotypes and / or formulaic stories.

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