Virgo Horoscope June 2022: Breathe a sigh of relief

This month, you are learning a lot of new things and seeing a lot of new places! After all, your Virgo June 2022 horoscope starts with a serious level-up, because on June 3, the Mercury backlash will finally end. Since Mercury is also your ruling planet, this backwardness is always a stressful experience for you (so that late can explain your scattered energy). However, as Mercury moves into your spacious ninth house, you are gaining a whole new perspective.

Embrace a major revelation on June 11th, especially when it comes to your relationship and the way you grow with them. As Venus joins forces with Uranus in your spontaneous ninth house, you may find yourself close to someone who encourages you to look at the big picture and see the bright side. However, it can start an adventure with many twists and turns! June 13th Mercury As you enter your ambitious 10th house you always see ten steps ahead, so use this diligent thinking growth and strategize for your benefit.

When a full moon in Sagittarius on June 14 ignites a fire in your house and the fourth house of your family, you should follow your urge to withdraw in your shell and nurture your holy place. After all, you are seeking a sense of belonging and belonging. Sew the tear back into your seams with a much stronger yarn.

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Summer begins on June 21, when the sun enters the 11th house of your social situation and inspires you to mingle with different kinds of people. Find a way to give back to your community, because making the world a better place for others will give you satisfaction and nothing more. And Friday 22nd June activates your 10th public image, all the generosity and love will enlighten you so brightly, pull people inwards. Let the world see how great you really are!

In fact, when you spend time with others, you learn more about how to build intimacy and trust in your deepest partnership. On June 28, the Sun in Cancer will square with Jupiter in the eighth house of your close bond, which will encourage you to start a deeper friendship. However, remember not to give more than you get! As a new moon in Cancer begins to write a new chapter in your social 11th house, you may be joining a team effort or following something that makes a difference to others. Enjoy all community connections!

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