Virgo Horoscope Summer 2022: Moving Forward

All the work and no game puts a Virgo under extreme stress! Fortunately, your Virgo Summer 2022 horoscope says it’s time to reunite with your best friends and surround yourself with like-minded people who share the same hopes and dreams. After all, the cancer season starts on June 21st and it’s activating the 11th house in your community! And with the next day entering the charming Venus Gemini, you are more likely to create buzz and reap the benefits while in a more socially driven setting.

Ironically enough, Neptune will retreat towards the end of June, which will probably start to clear the fog that has clouded your relationship one by one. Having said that, your perception of a significant other (personally or professionally) may begin to change as you gain more clarity. However, a new moon in Cancer on June 28 is actually a good opportunity for a colleague to warm up or ask a friend for moral support. Don’t be afraid to rely on your team!

Once around July, the ambitious Mars will start a fire in the ninth house of your adventure, bringing your focus back to your long-term vision, your belief system and your desire for new experiences. Some of these experiences may revolve around friendships and / or collaborations, so feel free to share your ideas and get feedback from others! Your insights will speak louder than you used to, so pay attention to what it says. July 13 The full moon in Capricorn is bound to bring some fruit by any means, because it will activate the fifth house of your play, passion and joy of love. Embrace your creative spark, as it sparkles with lightning!

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After celebrating your victory, you may decide to return to your safe place after the July 22 Leo season arrives Don’t feel too comfortable with this short energetic break, as an amazing new moon will attract you to Leo on July 28th. Off guard you have nothing to stress about, just remember!

In early August, Mercury – your cosmic ruler – will move into your zodiac, increasing your intellectual power and sharpening your self-esteem. Not only will this help you to ground your point of view and capture the details, it also brings you the opportunity to see a particular situation in a whole new way. However, you can create a big idea behind the scenes, especially with Venus joining the Sun through the 12th house of your invisible energy. Keep your best kept trade secrets to the chest. Some of you may even choose to hide with a lover you are incredibly passionate about… just saying!

Also, just days before the start of your birthday season, Mars will make its stimulus debut in Gemini, bringing energy and traction to your career from August 20th. Stick to it, because things are going to be * very * interesting in your professional life. Wondering if you can get another job offer? If the opportunity is really worth the salt, you might even consider moving for work. Let’s just say, Virgo season will start with a push, then on August 27th Virgo will have a very busy new moon that will lead you to success. Summer may finally be over, but make no mistake এটি it’s coming with lots of exciting new beginnings!

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