Walmart Fast-Tracking College graduates store managers with new recruits

Walmart Current college graduates are helping to track their careers faster. In an effort to recruit, Walmart will soon be helping college graduates with the promise of managerial positions.

As reported by Fox Business, The The College2Career program is designed for recent grad and current students who are within 12 months of graduating. The program will enable them to become managers within two years. About 600 recent graduates and 300 current college graduates have signed up for the program.

If performing in the program, they will be given the role of “emerging coach” with an initial salary of $ 65,000. If the program’s top performers accept the offer from Walmart, they will have plenty of stores. College graduates will be able to step foot in the role, while recent graduates will be recruited immediately.

In addition to the College2Career program, Walmart also offers a 12-week personal fleet development program. New truck drivers will be able to earn income as part of this program An initial pay range ranges from $ 95,000 to $ 110,000 For their first year.

Walmart also offers other benefits for students, such as a home office internship program and a 12-week personal fleet development program. While Walmart has been the focus of many responses from customer service to clean-up, the company is trying to move forward with the younger generation.

Fox Business adds that Walmart has 2.3 million affiliates worldwide, with 1.7 million in the United States alone.

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