Watch Cardi B and Megan Thi Stallion tackle football in ‘Cardi Trice’

There are some professionals in this house!

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Is there anything there? Cardi b Draft Megan Thi Stallion Can’t? People Cardi reportedly drafted his WAP partner to play professional football in a new episode Cardi tries. Check out the epic entrance to the iconic rap pair on the field at the Los Angeles Chargers practice building.

“Okay guys, today I’m going to learn NFL,” said the 29-year-old mother of two. “Since I have a son, I want to be a sports mom who is involved in sports, and I want to learn everything about football today.”

Cardi introduced his colleague rapper Diva Meg as the “perfect person” to tackle a crash course in football. The Stallion, known for its athletic dance and touristic performances, felt comfortable on the field despite being new to the sport.

“I’ve never played football, but I know how to catch. I should have worn real hair for that. ” Plan B ” The rapper joked while waving his bright blue hair. “I used to dance as a drill team in high school. I used to look at the boys on the football field every morning at 6 o’clock.

After they fit on the football pad, the former charger ends tight Antonio Gates Leading them through a series of exercises to test their skills and agility, starting with the 40-yard dash. Sprint scared them both a bit, but Cardi also had some athletic experience from school.

“When I was in high school, I used to go to a lot of hockey parties. And the cops would blow up a lot of hockey parties, so I had to run a lot, ”Cardi said before charming Gates at 7.93.

Darwin James And Kinan Allen Touchdown Pass has joined ridiculous training sessions to teach tackling and catching. Cardi used visualization to prepare for the tackling drill. “I’m just going to imagine that I don’t like this bitch,” she said before charging a dummy twice her size.

After a few successful drills, professionals tested Cardi and Meg in the most important part of the game: Touchdown Dance. Bodak quarterback refrained from hitting a split, but Meg blew some homegrown rice that showed off his infamous knee. The Houston rapper even taught Allen his viral dance “Body” For his next touchdown.

“One thing I learned about football is that you really need a strong teammate, and that’s why I got my teammate here,” Cardi said of Megan at the end of the episode. “We had a lot of fun, and I feel a lot more confident about football. [I’d] I love having my son in it. “

Funny, but after a challenging workout Megan also gained a new appreciation for the game.

“I like to catch, I like to throw or whatever, so I’m really glad Cardi brought me here today – my teammate,” said the Grammy winner. “I have a new support for the NFL because I can’t believe you’re doing it for yourself here.”

Can we get these two back on the field for the next Super Bowl halftime show? Check out the rest of this new episode Cardi tries Down.

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