We want Wakanda! Leticia has come down twice in the anti-wax debate

The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and the stars are out in France promoting their latest film.


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Letia Wright, a rising Marvel Cinematic Universe movie star, is currently promoting her latest film “Silent twins,Diversity About the magazine Black Panther 2 Controversy, Chadwick Bosman, and his lack of remorse for spreading anti-wax ideology have indicated.

Someone’s favorite supporting actress, Letitia Right Off Black leopard Fame, upcoming discussion Black leopard In August 2020, at the age of 43, the real mega-star of the movie, Chadwick Bosman, came to the forefront after his tragic and untimely death. Theater in November 2022.

Letia Wright addresses a controversial figure

Lettia was at the top of the epidemic after rumors spread that he was promoting the importance of not vaccinating his co-stars and production crew in Wakanda. Apparently, his speech blurred some feathers and landed the younger sister in the news as an aggressive anti-waxer.

At the time, Wright could not be alone and even posted an anti-wax video from YouTuber who is also known for his deleted Twitter account for climate change and Transphobia distrust, with a tweet that said: “If you do not agree with popular opinion. But ask questions and think for yourself… you will be canceled, ”with a smiling emoji.

When Wright took a moment to speak from the promotion of his new film Diversity In France, he has successfully avoided anti-wax rumors outright. Although he did not speak specifically about the headlines, he did let the world know that he was standing by his suspicions. He also seems to be quite proud of the way he has handled his avoidable covid vaccine mess. Interviewers at the Carnegie Women in Motion Dinner were asked what they learned from the center of the debate, Letia replied:

“I’ve learned that in life you just have to stick to what you believe in in terms of your desire to influence the world through your art, and that’s exactly what I’m doing and I’m very proud of myself and the movie that is being released this year. I’m very proud of that. “

Letia Wright teases the upcoming Black Panther sequel

The latest sticking from Wakanda forever, The anti-rumor-mongering anti-Victress has sprinkled a little tea on what fans can expect from an upcoming film about honoring her fallen star.

“It’s jam-packed with exciting things,” he said. “We honored him by committing ourselves to the story he started, the legacy he started with his franchise, and we are committed to working hard every day no matter what situation we face. We’ve had a lot of difficult situations, but we’ve come together as a team and put everything into this movie, so I’m excited for you to see it. “

Undoubtedly in these difficult situations his anti-wax media Fansco and in the latter part of 2021 suffered some physical injuries on the set. The Guyanese actress reportedly suffered serious injuries and a shoulder fracture while performing the stunt. Since then he has recovered completely.

There is no Vaccine Mandate or Covid Protocol at this year’s Cannes Film Festival so Sister Shuri should not make any headlines beyond her amazing acting ability. Let’s hope he stays focused on his work and chooses silence like his latest character at least until November, so that we can enjoy Wakanda Forever without any extra nonsense.

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