Wells Fargo reportedly interviewed black female candidates for the position

Wells Fargo It is at the center of another scandal after a whistleblower complained that the company had interviewed color candidates for non-existent jobs.

Joe Bruno, Who were employed in their corporate office in the wealth management department of Wells Fargo Jacksonville, Florida, The story is broken New York Times. Last summer, he was fired after complaining to his superiors that the pseudo-interviews were “inappropriate, morally wrong, morally wrong.”

Bruno and seven current and former bank employees have claimed that their boss instructed them to interview “different” candidates even though the position does not exist or has already been filled. Interviews were used to make Wells Fargo feel like a corporation was working hard to diversify its workforce. This keeps them out of the trouble of government regulators who track equality-based recruitment. Shyam interviews mainly influenced black female candidates.

Wells Fargo spokesman, Russell Burton, Says the agency does not tolerate “behavior described by the New York Times.”

This is not the first time Wells Fargo has reported on their discriminatory practices. A 2021 Bloomberg News Analysis Only that report 47% own a black home Those who have applied Home refinancing Inside 2020 The contrast was approved by Wells Fargo 72% own white homes. They have approved more white applicants for new mortgage loans than black applicants. The company is currently facing a class-action lawsuit in this regard.

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