What are you waiting for ?! BMF progeny Lil ‘Mitch arrested for stealing $ 250,000

Metrobumin birthday celebration

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Lil Mitch has found herself in some fairly serious problems and the initial consequences are already quite steep.

According to TMZ, BMF descendant-actor Demetrius Flannery Jr. was arrested in Miami when police charged him with stealing $ 250,000 worth of Richard Mile watches from Heimov Jewelers. Let them know, Mitch went to trade his ক্স 80,000 Rolex as a down payment for Richard Mill. The thing is, the store says that Michi did not return the 200,000 balance after being allowed to leave with the expensive bubble. He was eventually charged with two counts of first-degree grand theft and a separate count of organized fraud.

To make matters worse, police say Mitch tried to trade Oz Richard Mill at another store to get a different Richard Mill. This Swiss timepiece features a young, wealthy Negro headlock that would make a WWE wrestler jealous. Is it really serious ??

Fortunately, Mitch Jr. has a real rich man in his circle and was released on a $ 1.4 million bond the day he was arrested. For Haimov Jewelry, they’re not being quiet about disrespect.

We’re not sure if this will have any effect on BMF’s new season, but we think the show will go as planned. Mitch has not yet officially commented on the arrest, but we’re sure any updates will be published in the coming weeks.

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