What are you waiting for ?! The police give birth to anger after the police surfaced the video of them standing


Source: Chandan Khanna / Getty

In Uvalade, Texas has been evacuated for just a few days, and more details about what happened that day are yet to be released. Some of that information is not only depressing, it is annoying and sadly surprising.

In the viral video, parents are seen begging the police to stop the shooter

The video you are about to watch will drive you crazy like hell. It shows police in Uvalade standing outside doing nothing while frantic parents hear the sound of 18-year-old gunmen killing their children.

Again, the police did nothing while killing the children with guns.

According to the AP, a man named Javier Cajares ran to Rob Elementary School where his daughter Jacqueline Cajares was eventually killed. When Cajars arrived, he noticed police inaction and suggested that parents and visitors rush to the building to help their dead children.

“Let’s just hurry because the police are not doing what they are supposed to do,” he said. “More could be done.”

“They were unprepared,” he added.

To make matters worse, the response to this embarrassing video is that Uvalade spends 40% of the city’s budget on the police.

Still, it took 40 minutes for the police to decide to protect Rob Elementary’s children.

Someone has to explain something serious! 40 minutes ???

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