What RHOA Kenya Moore Sherry and Drew Fight did not show

What's not to like about RHOA's Kenya Moore Sherry vs. Drew, who could be behind the Candy Locker rumors and Marlour "Jealous" Claims, plus divorce updates

Kenya Moore Appeared on the Sunday night episode Watch Live What HappensWhere he reacted to the drama The real housewife of Atlanta.

After several episodes in three episodes of Season 14, most of which took place at his daughter’s third birthday party in Brooklyn, Kenya revealed what was not shown. Sherry WhitfieldQuarrel with Dry SidoraOffer an update on his relationship with Cynthia BaileyLocker responds to rumors about Kandi BarasAnd more

Kenya shared in the May 15 episode, “You cut a lot.” WWHL. “I found it really, really nasty. Someone was calling someone a ‘witch’ and talking about boasting. It was a lot.”

About his drama with Cynthia, which was evident in the first season Real Housewives: The Ultimate Girls TripKenya has admitted that it was unsure of the root of their problem.

“I do not even know what is happening to us. But we are talking, “he confirmed. “He invited me to do something the other day so we could be in a better place.”

As rumors of a possible romance with him Dancing with the Stars Partner, Brandon ArmstrongKenya says the two were not friends with the “advantage”.

“He is like my baby brother. We must have had great chemistry, but the chemistry of friendship, “he explained, joking that they” couldn’t dance “if anything else.

While attending her daughter’s birthday party, Kenya said she thought her controversial cast game would be nothing more than “fun tea”.

“It was supposed to be, ‘Someone sleeps with a teddy bear’ or ‘Someone drums when they kiss.’ Something simple and silly, “he insisted.

But RHOA Viewers saw things take a risky turn as Kandy was accused of doing obscene work in a locker room, forcing a Kenyan friend to leave early.

“I don’t think she was able to return my call,” Kenya admitted Andy Cohen The woman was identified as “Birthday Karen”.

“Yes,” Kenya agreed. “[But] He was not wrong! ”

And while the shadowy game did not reveal who wrote the claim, Kenya has suggested that the cast has since found out who it is.

“It simply came to our notice then. It was someone who wrote with an orange marker. And I think there was only one person with the orange marker, “he noted.

Then, after Andy asked if it could be Marlowe, Kenya said, “Maybe.”

At another point WWHLKenya was asked if she believed Anthony did not work for Sherry or if Sherry did not pay her assistant.

“Oh, he wasn’t paying her,” Kenya boldly announced. “I think the thing with Sherry is, if she doesn’t like the job, she won’t pay you. That’s it. I think he worked but he didn’t like the job.

Time to his own appearance WWHL Earlier this month, Marlowe pointed out to Kenya that his customer was a jealous hater and a “done”. In response, Kenya made it clear to viewers that it was not jealous of the new peach-holder.

“Jealous of what? We already know that I have nothing to be jealous of, “Kenya said.

He then made a shady dish to his co-star.

“What happened?” I guess I’ve had one. I became a former Miss USA, a college graduate, a beautiful mother of a daughter who is great. I’ll take it all day, honey. Let’s not go to my resume. Let’s check her. I would rather be now than I have ever been, ”he declared.

Regarding her divorce, Kenya said, “I think it has been going on for years. I want it to end and the holdup is on the other side. Set me free! ”

Also turned on WWHLKenya was asked if she had seen Teresa Judis She recently took a gift to him.

“I think so, yes. No, [I didn’t hear from her]. I talk to Teresa all the time [but] He didn’t tell me he took it, “Kenya explained. “She always travels so I don’t know if it’s my trip or something else. But I love him. I love them together. They just touch me. I just show their affection and how dedicated they are together.

The real housewife of Atlanta Season 14 airs on Sundays in Bravo at 8 / 7c.

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