What to wear on the beach: 2022 summer clothes you need

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Warm weather is almost upon us, folks, which means যদি if you’re lucky আপনার you have an ocean or pool in the immediate future. Whether you are able to go to the sunny beach once in your life or once a week, you are bound to come to the final problem: without a cute bikini or one-piece, What do you wear to the beach??! Seriously – this question has bothered me for years.

Of course, sitting in the sand we all wear swimsuits and sunny clothes, but sometimes, you need more. In times of uncertainty about what to wear when jumping off the incoming tide (or depending on the situation), it’s always a good idea to go to the experts দ্বারা By that I mean “vacation edits” sites like Revolve, Nordstrom and Shopbop. Scroll through numerous sites for inspiration Too much Time dependent so I went ahead and created a comprehensive beach style guide.

From terrycloth sets and bridgy button-down to Instagram-worthy halter dresses, there have never been so many different options for beach wear. Whether you just plan to lie on the sand or take a picture (or 10) for the ‘village’, this beach editing will guarantee that you will wear the best clothes on shore. You need to think about which sunscreen to pack!

What to wear on the beach

Remember when the two piece Juicy Couture Terrycloth Capri set Everything? Is that too niche? Well only the very good trend style comes back and terrycloth set is one of them. Terrycloth is the perfect material for a beach because it’s basically like wearing a towel — any sweat or salt water will be absorbed quickly. Terrycloth can be arranged for the day with casual sandals or spiced up for a fancy dinner with platform shoes. There So Many terrycloth sets are now available from sites like Revolve, Frankie’s Bikini and Paxan so you are bound to find one before heading to the beach.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of boyfriend and friends.

Lana Crop Top

I love this set because it looks sleek and pulls together when you wear both pieces but the skirt doubles as the perfect swimsuit coverup!

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Good American.

Coco terry button-up shirt

The only outfit that is easier to plan than a two-piece set is a romper. This adorable One-and-Dawn Terrycloth Romper from Good American comes in four colors and is available in 0-8 sizes.

The nets were made for the beach because it really isn’t very suitable for many other settings (and for the whole fishermen’s net purpose). Mesh is a fun way to create a layered look in hot weather — you can add a fake dress to your swimsuit, bralette, or anything if you feel scandalous. The material comes in a variety of knit shapes so you will be able to determine how much skin you want to show.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of LPA.

Lanita crochet mini dress

This tan mini dress is super versatile. You can wear it as a cover-up, a nude dress moment or As a long cardigan laminated over a tank top.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Zara.

Long mesh dress

I own this orange fake dress and because I’m going to give my personal bias legs Love It made me lay down on top of a chubby bikini and feel comfortable covered while walking through non-beach areas.

A good button-down is a shirt that tends to give. The style fits every familiar aesthetic, including off-duty models, coastal grandmothers, dark academies and beach-goers. Whether a button-down tight or striped, worn with denim shorts or slacks, or stolen from your dad’s closet, it will always look good. For the beach, find a button-down made of lightweight fabric like linen and pair it with vintage-inspired denim shorts.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of free people.

Rag to riches shirt

The blue and green path of this striped button-down will look great by the sea. The back of this shirt is longer than the front which makes it ideal for front thrust situations.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Universal Thread.

Boyfriend fit linen button-down

This Bridgey Linen button-down from Target comes in at just $ 20 and six colors. It is available in XS-4X format.

Move over the sweater vest, I’m crushing on the sweater dress. Wearing knitted sweater material on the beach may seem counterintuitive, but finely knitted material will make you feel cool (and see). Knit dresses are all about the texture which will complement the sand grain you’ll feel in your toes. These can be trimmed with long sleeves, cut-outs or fringes so there is no single way to nail this style. The best part about a knitted dress is that they are a great option to wear to a beach wedding.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Line and Dot.

Megan wrapped dress

This chartreuse wrap dress will look even better with a tan. Although the overall shape of the dress is simple, the back has fun criss-cross details and the side slit keeps it flirting.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Zara.

Knit Peter Pan Collar Dress

Caption Idea: Gilded Glamor Beach? Just kidding. This Peter Pan collar dress has a unique take on the net trend as well as a slight sheer trend.

About 100 Ways to Tie a Scarf You’ve saved TikTok It’s time to upload the video. A large scarf can be either the ultimate beach outfit or accessory. Depending on the size, you can wrap it around your waist, twist it into a top, or wrap it around your head. Scarves take up virtually no space in your suitcase so they are an easy way to maximize your packing room and clothing options. I like to mix and match the scarf pattern and tie a small scarf around my bag to match my outfit.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Norma Kamali.

Large sized silk bow

This large size bandana scarf from J.Crew is a perfect example of a scarf that can be worn in a variety of ways. Wear it as a strapless top with baggy jeans, cargo pants or a mini skirt and pair the look with strappy heels.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of J. Crew.

Arnie scarf

There are two ways to look at this option – it is either an expensive scarf or a reasonably priced dress. The good news is you both can wear it as well! On the plane wrap it around your shoulders with soft cotton and then wrap it around your waist when you reach the beach.

Halter top was their moment and now it’s time to take a notch thing with a halter dress. In my opinion, a halter is one of the universally flattering silhouettes — the high neck is long and everyone looks good when they have a little extra shoulder to shoulder. Also, if you want to get a little sun, this is a great silhouette to wear on the beach (just make sure the SPF level). Wearing a strapless bra on the beach is annoying so use the halter dress as an opportunity to loosen up (if you understand what I mean).

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Eloquii.

Halter neck maxi dress

I like the groovy print of this bodycon maxi dress from Eloquii. It will look like a beach cabana with a shimmering bar. It is available in 14-28 plus sizes.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of BCB Generation

Floral halter neck dress

Flowers are not only for spring, they are also for summer! This floral halter dress would be perfect for a beach wedding or a beautiful dinner. Also, the straps are attached to the back of the dress so you don’t have to worry about a skinny halter tie that hits your neck.

If you’re a “picture or not” type of girl (like me), you know how important it is to have a ‘village ready dress’ for every occasion. Fringe is going to be one of the biggest trends this summer and there is no better place to wear it than the beach. I’m personally excited to grow up with the trend and wear fringe sets and full length dresses.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of ASOS Design.

Tiered fringe beach mini dress

This lime green dress is begging to be paired with a margarita and a night of dancing on the beach. This flirty dress also comes in light pink.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Beach Rabbit.

Hout summer top

If you have a one-day party on your calendar (or the chance to have a spontaneous party), this strapless fringe top should be at the top of your packing list. Be sure to buy matching skirts.

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