When will Mercury Retrograde 2022 end? Keep this date in mind

If you have been feeling dizzy and confused for the past few weeks, this is not the case. Given the storm of astrological activity over the past few weeks, this is understandable, which is why you are probably wondering when the previous June 2022 of Mercury will end. Things are going to be clearer after Mercury goes straight to the morning of June 3 Yes, you read that right! Mercury’s second retreat in 2022 is finally coming to an end and soon, you won’t have to deal with Mercury’s retrograde behavior again until September 9th. However, there is still a week to go before this retrospective, there is still a lot to learn, so don’t forget to make the most of what Don has learned from this experience!

Mercury will officially change direction at 4 a.m. ET on June 3, ending a three-week long retreat beginning May 10. What’s more, due to Mercury dropping and scratching all kinds of signals, Jupiter moved to Aries on May 10, the Gemini season has begun. May 21, and we received a monster-Blood-Moon-Moon in Scorpio on May 16th. In short, you feel a little raw, excited and stuck at the same time. You’ve gone through a lot, and with this retro * finally * closing, you’re going to get a break from all the intensity.

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With the Sun in Gemini – coincidentally a sign of changeable winds ruled by Mercury – until the start of the Cancer season on June 21, we are all ready to share information and reveal ourselves. Now that Jupiter has left behind the whimsical, ethereal and dreamy Pisces for the fire Aries, feisty and competitive, we are adhering to get ahead of the curve. The combination of Jupiter in Gemini and Aries will point to full speed progress. You may feel a little confused when you experience a game-changing full moon in Scorpio – an experience that seeks to find your deepest feelings. Thanks to the reversal of Mercury, the planet of communication did not fire at all the cylinders, cloudy with a dash of confusion can be expected. If you have trouble understanding what has come to you during the eclipse season, remember that everything will start to make more sense once the Mercury stations are indicated.

Mercury retreat began May 10 and will end June 3.

Don’t feel guilty for being scattered. Mercury’s hindquarters are thought to temporarily confuse and confuse you, so do not act in such a way that you can avoid its wonderful effects. When Mercury recedes, the planet of intelligence wants to see you inside and be more aware of how you process data and how you communicate your results. Pay attention to what comes to you when Mercury retreats, because you probably have unfinished business to deal with. During these seemingly painful three weeks, Mercury wants to go back to the beginning and get your steps back. It wants you to fix the errors that are holding you back and make you feel closed from your past. You may hate how this backlash manifests itself – often miscommunication, unfortunate replies, bounced emails, missed flights, returning access and mistakes – but in the end, there is always a deep lesson hidden in the chaos.

As this Mercury retreat ends, be sure to check out what has happened in the last three weeks. What do you know about yourself? What was the most common mistake? Any communication problems to come? It is through these observations that you can move forward with more confidence and self-awareness. Stop seeing Mercury retrograde as a hindrance to your life and see it as a quarterly break; Three weeks as slowly and introspectively embrace. Then, when Mercury finally goes straight, it doesn’t stop you from getting out of there and creating your own magic!

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