Whites run racist riots at Texas spa owned by blacks

Crack the whole grain cracker in a wooden tray

Source: Studio OMG / Getty’s Crate

Ah, white man! By now, you’ve probably seen the video we’re talking about floating around in one of your social media timelines. At a black-owned spa in Texas, a white man was caught on camera carrying out racist violence that would turn your eyes away rather than bother you. We say that the man’s words were not offensive, but that his words were conjectural and trivial. The hardcore racists we’ve seen in recent years lack KKKreativity and KKKonviction. This impotent insult comes more like white accusations and excuses for defeat than anything else.

In the words of the late Paul Muni, what a waste of white skin.

In the viral video, white people carry out racist violence at a Texas spa

Peek at what the boy said to this rich black entrepreneur:

“Your race and class have ruined my family and my life,” he says. “You’re playing energy chess with someone who has nothing to do with your class.”

Strength chess. We could just steal that one.

If you haven’t seen the video in question, here it is:

According to The Daily Beast, the business owner asked to remain anonymous for fear that someone like the shooter at the Buffalo grocery store would target his store for revenge.

Whites are out of control.

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