Why he missed Madison’s engagement party

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm explains why she didn't join Madison Lecroy's engagement party, Season 8 "Going to be a good one"

Patricia Altschul He’s talking about why he wasn’t there when he wasn’t present Madison Lecroy And Brett Randall Celebrated their engagement earlier this month.

On Instagram, after being asked by a fan who wanted to know if he had been invited to Madison’s wedding, Patricia revealed the reason for his absence while addressing the upcoming eighth season. Southern CharmWhich he told his online viewers was “going to be a good one.”

“Weren’t you invited to Madison’s wedding?” Fans asked a few days ago.

“It was an engagement party and I was in Savannah,” Patricia explained.

Southern Charm Patricia Altschul explains why she didn't attend Madison's engagement party

As Patricia explains in a separate Instagram post, she traveled to Savannah to appear in an upcoming documentary based on the life of her late friend, a fashion icon. Andre Leon TallyFormer Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, who died in January.

“Big News ……… Andre Leone is going to be a documentary on Tally and I’m here at Savannah’s SCAD to tell us the vignettes of our 30 years of friendship,” Patricia wrote in a photo on Instagram on May 20, sitting in front of the camera.

Although she was not joined by her friend, Patricia, Madison could not be happier with the results of her and Brett’s engagement party, saying, “Honestly this engagement party was 10/10,” because she shared a slideshow of photos taken here.

A few days after moving to Savannah, Patricia returned to Instagram, where she shared a clip Southern Charm And he tells his fans and followers that the new episodes will be “good”.

“Jello Shot” is the new season of lower class 7 [Southern Charm] It will start on June 23 and it will be a good one. “

Madison and Brett, who recently bought a বাড়ি 1.5 million home in Charleston, plan to get married later this year.

“A lot of people are asking me when I’m getting married. I mean, I’m going to marry her tomorrow, “Madison shared on Instagram Live earlier this year.” Southern Charm My marriage will not be cast because, as I said, we are having a family. And that’s kind of it. “

During the same social media session, Madison confirmed that Brett would not be seen Southern Charm.

“I don’t have a fianc Southern Charm. I hate to say that. But you know, it’s not just his thing. And not only that, I want to make it work, “he explained.

Southern Charm Season Eight premieres on Thursday, June 23, at 9 / 8c in Bravo.

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