Why Rob Kardashian was missing from Courtney’s wedding

Source explains Rob Kardashian's absence from Sister Courtney's wedding as Courtney takes last name of husband Travis Barker

Credit: Mega, Instagram / Rob Kardashian

Kardashian fans are eating a meal for the eye right now as more footage and details continue to be released. Courtney Kardashian And Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker Italian wedding ceremony.

The biggest question everyone is asking is, “Where was it? Rob? “As the only Kardashian brother, he was markedly absent from his older sister’s wedding.

An insider at US Weekly told the publication that all “attention” would be too much for Rob, who is notoriously private.

“He still likes very private and low-key celebrations where there aren’t a lot of photographers,” the insider explained. “He doesn’t like being in the spotlight. The whole thing would have been too much for him.

There is no bad blood in the family because of Rob’s decision to stay behind because they understand the need for his privacy. However, he was spirit, so to speak.

The insider continues to say that he has talked to his sisters through FaceTime and they are sending him a lot of pictures.

“He loves his sister very much and is very happy for her and Travis,” the insider explained. “He will be celebrating with her in LA. He also hoped at FaceTime to chat with his sisters while he was in Italy.”

In other news, Courtney is completely embracing her new marriage and new surname.

First, he took to using Travis’ last name, Barker, on his social media and in a photo obtained by E! Online, she even sewed her new initials “KKB” into her dolls and gabbana wedding dress.

In another one of several wedding appearances, Court wore a white blazer with “Mrs. Barker” written on the back.

Also, in one of his Instagram posts, he officially announced to the world, “Mr. and Mrs. Barker.” In the caption

There is no question that Courtney has legally changed her last name.

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