Why Samuel L. Jackson thought he was banned from ‘Saturday Night Live’

After so many years of not returning to the sketch comedy series, Samuel L. Jackson is talking about why he was banned Live Saturday night.

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For years, Pulp Fiction The actor thought he had been banned Live Saturday night After dropping an F-bomb in a 2012 sketch. But, a decade later, he met the show’s creator, Lorne Michaels, where he asked about the supposed bad, wondering if he could host again.

“Will you let me go back to the show?” Jackson asked Michaels, as explained Rewarder The podcast came 10 years later when he learned that he was still invited to host the show.

Although he has been confirmed otherwise, Jackson still doesn’t seem to believe Lorn, saying, “So maybe I’m not. I don’t know. “

It was back in March that Jackson first revealed that he had been placed on that supposed banned list, blaming longtime cast member Kenan Thompson.

Canaan [Thompson] Forbidden me Live Saturday night“She is OK Ellen DeGeneres Show A few months ago, guest host Leslie Jones. “He didn’t cut me off anytime soon and I said the word ‘forbidden’ on television.”

Although this is his signature catchphrase, Jackson-who first hosted the Sketch comedy show in 1998 একমাত্র is not the only person to have sworn in live. SNL According to And! News, Kristen Stewart also dropped the F-word in her 2017 opening monologue and was later invited back to host in 2019. Sam Rockwell let the word slip in 2018.

All right, now that we know Samuel L. Jackson is not banned, another hosting gig is running. Let it happen, Lorne!

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