Will Smith had a vision that his career would be “ruined” before Chris Rock

Will Smith says he had a vision before the Chris Rock incident that his career would be “ruined”.

In a recent episode of David Letterman’s show, Smith recalls having an attitude that his home, money, and career would be taken away from him. Smith says he had a vision while on a trip to Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a psychoactive drink with strong hallucinogenic properties.

“Once you drink it, you’ll see yourself in a way you’ve never seen yourself,” Smith said. “One of the experiences was one of the most infernal psychological experiences of my life.”

He continued, “I drank, and it usually takes 45 minutes. So I’m drinking and sitting there, and then all of a sudden, it seems like I’m starting to see all my money fly. My house is flying, and my The career is going away. ”

Smith added that he was beginning to panic and that his worst fears were becoming a reality.

“It’s my fear in real life,” the actor explained. “And I’m there, and I want to vomit, and that’s all, and I hear a voice: ‘That’s it. That’s life.

Smith says he was able to keep things in perspective after calling his daughter Willow for help.

“I have stopped taking care of my house. I stopped thinking about my career. When I got out of it, I realized that whatever happens in my life, I can handle it. I can lose anyone, I can make any mistake in my life. I can manage anything in my marriage, I can manage what this life gives me.

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