WNBA star Brittany Greener has responded to a letter from a Russian prisoner

The Phoenix Mercury WNBA star Brittany Greener Can’t see or play with WNBA fam, but he can answer hundreds of emails and letters.

Greener’s agent has set up a way for the athlete to get helpful messages from his team in an effort to communicate, so he doesn’t seem to have forgotten. Although the prison has allowed the letters, it is not easy for him to respond as he observes everything.

Once the Russian authorities reviewed the letters and emails, they were delivered to the Olympian by his attorney. Emails are printed and then scattered. To respond, though, he wrote his response, not having access to the email account, then his lawyers took a picture and sent it.

Los Angeles Sparks forward Amanda Zahui After receiving feedback from the players b.

“When he answered my second letter, it blew me away. I was, ‘She responded !!’ In my third letter, I said, ‘O best friend, we are now officially best friends,’ said Zahui B.

Jahui b. Says he wants Greener to know what he’s thinking about him, as all WNBA players keep writing to him. She tries to write to him every few weeks.

Greener has been detained for 105 days after a VAP cartridge was found in his luggage at Moscow airport. Center players usually play abroad in Russia because, in the United States, he does not make enough as a WNBA player.

Jahui b. He says he joked about the letter, which shocked him. “She is OK. I don’t know how he goes about it. He is an amazing spirit. He brought light to a situation like this. I don’t think many people can do that. “

If convicted, Greener faces up to 20 years in prison. Biden’s administration has made it clear that he was detained for wrongdoing and has even suggested that it is politically motivated.

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