Young Miami and model Gina Huin are apparently in a trade dispute over DD

One-half City girls Twins That Miami And only fan models Gina Huin Huynh made an apparent transaction on social media on Tuesday after posting a selfie of himself DD.

DD has recently become romantically involved with Young Miami, although none of them have spoken publicly about their alleged relationship. There were also rumors of Gina being involved with the 2019 “Bad Boy” founder.

On Tuesday, Huynh posted a selfie of DD kissing her on the cheek, apparently a reaction from Young Miami.

The rapper tweeted, “Would anyone please pay a little attention to this?” The late Whitney Houston followed a viral clip at the 2001 BET Awards, saying “you get lower” while receiving her iconic award.

He continued tweeting, “Notice me please sit down ass dog! We see you relax OK! You’ve been around for years! You’re waiting for the moment if he can’t make you a famous dog. I’m not! “

Meanwhile, Huynh took to his Instagram stories with shots aimed at Miami.

“If anyone wants attention … B * TCH is it you?”

“Suck my D * C,” he continued. “IDFAG.”

YM applauds Huynh and tells the model that she is attentive.

Which persuaded Huin to post on his IG stories, “Why are you bothering Mama so much? I thought you were a town girl.”

YM reminded him that he must be.

“I am and that’s why I fuck Yo Nigar and how many pictures you post isn’t coming from IDC!” He tweeted.

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