Young thug denies bond in YSL Rico case

After hearing the judge’s testimony, Young Thug rejected the bond so that the co-defendants could claim that they feared he would kill them and their families.

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Yesterday, the young thug got a chance to sue Bond over the YSL allegations that he is currently behind bars. Fulton County Judge Ural Glanville has heard from a number of people in support of the release of Young Thug to deal with the picture drawn by prosecutors. One person who took this position was Kevin Liles, a veteran of the music industry, who became emotional when he called Young Thug a son.

Liles even told the judge that he would be willing to support Young Thug if he needed to because the $ 1 million 24/7 protection bill raised concerns.

Another interesting witness was Corey Jackson, a 15-year-old man who said that he had met Young Thug when he was only 10 years old. Jackson testified that he met Thager while passing the CD at Cumberland Mall, and that Thag gave him advice and helped his family get out of poverty. Jackson is now an inspirational speaker across the United States who helps keep classmates away from problems and on the right track.

Witnesses have proved insufficient and the judge still denies Young Thug’s bond

After listening to Young Thug’s witnesses, the state had the opportunity to sue them as to why he should not be released, even as far as they revealed that they had some people accused with him. These people have expressed that they are afraid of him and think that crossing him will kill them and their families.

In the end, Judge Glanville denied the Thug bond because of the danger to the community based on the evidence and a major concern he posed a potential flight risk. A trial is set for the first week of 2023, but the judge acknowledged that he would try to speed up the trial if he could.

You can hear the state lawsuit against bail below.

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