Your weekly help Tidday Meets and Treats on the Village


Come back to it again with more Tidday Meats and Treats in an eventful week influenced by Candy’s randomly viral leggings, hips and Baudy Bop, Jamie FoxxThe sun-splashed sea rolling with a mysterious blonde, My black Sharing the first picture of her twin children, Carl-Anthony Towns Wonderful Jordin Woods With a hearty farewell, Khalo Kardashian To dispel confusion about her plastic surgery, Chris Evans Facing off against Ryan GoslingAnd much more.

As expected, we’ve compiled a selection of disguised Stanners (and our thirsty-Trappin ‘celebrities’ choice). Summer Walker Her return to the series after announcing her one-night ‘A Hot Summer Night in LA’ event at the BET Awards weekend next month.

Ari Linux, Jazmin Sullivan, Joyce Rice, Doichi, Alex VaughanAnd Susie Santana On Friday, June 24, is scheduled to perform on the buzz show that will occupy the arena.

At the moment, we are five months into 2022 where we are finally returning to normal after two years of uncertainty.

This week’s compilation features Drya Michelle, Joy ChavisAnd distribute heat with more Ayesha Diaz Giving us what we need.

Has big body strength Ari Fletcher, Yasmin LopezAnd Lact So feed your eyes on these beauties and enjoy the latest help of tidday meats and treats on the flip.

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