YouTuber Tasha K has filed an appeal against Cardi B’s verdict

YouTube’s Tasha K is hoping to overturn a judge’s verdict in Cardi B’s defamation suit.

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Just months after Cardi B won nearly $ 4 million in defamation suit against YouTuber, its attorneys are now starting their appeal to overturn the verdict, according to the report. Billboards.

In their appeal, Tasha K’s legal team argues that a judge withheld basic evidence about the rapper’s “character” and did not allow the judges to see that Cardi BK “literally” won his great court victory in 2022.

At the time, the judge ruled that such confidential evidence could be counterproductive against Cardi, but Tasha’s attorneys said the information about her “character” should be fair play because the actual case focuses on the potential damage to the rapper’s reputation.

“The jury heard a very one-sided presentation of evidence and, because they did not know who the plaintiff was, the jury returned a general verdict against both defendants,” Tasha’s attorneys wrote in the May 27 appeal filing.

What was left?

For now, Tasha’s lawyers believe it is unclear which parts of the evidence were wrongfully omitted. Prior to the trial, both parties argued about Cardi’s alleged involvement in a gang, criminal charges against her for arguing with a nightclub, and whether she could hear about her husband’s alleged distrust of offset.

The rapper first filed a lawsuit against Tasha in 2019, calling YouTuber’s videos “malicious propaganda” to tarnish Cardi’s reputation. In one of the videos cited in the lawsuit, Tasha alleged that Cardi had sex on a “stripper stage with a beer bottle”, while others said that the superstar had contracted herpes and was a prostitute.

Following their trial in January, the judges sided with Cardi B and found Tasha guilty of defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional mental anguish. They paid the rapper more than $ 2.5 million in damages and another $ 1.3 million in legal fees.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, YouTuber told fans he would never pay Cardi, hinting at appealing the decision. Now, he has officially gone that route.

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