Yung Miami and Gina Huynh’s messy catfight over DD breaks Twitter.

Kerala, please

Young Miami and Gina Huin

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By now, you’ve probably seen the messy Etsley in it DDI understand the rumors That Miami And its main boo (moment) Gina Huin Those who traded spicy jabs across social media platforms while their billionaire Bu Thang remained silent.

Young Miami gets involved in a messy catfight with Gina Huin on social media

It all started when Gina posted herself at the Billboard Music Awards with the caption “Love, Love, Love” indicating her relationship with the Bad Boy Mogul who officially adopted Monica, Shawn. Love Comb.

Naturally, the post annoyed Young Miami enough to give “this B ***” Gina “some attention.”

In true ‘main chic’ fashion, Gina posted a picture of her kissing DD on the cheek in her instagram, adding “If anyone draws attention, it’s you.”

The controversy has escalated on Twitter, where Miami has stopped tweeting about someone who has “been around for” just a few years “.

He also called Gina a “weird a ** b **” and overshadowed her “cheap a *** lint ball carpet” which sparked small cheers across Twitter.

Gina Huin clapped her hands again and asked, “Mama, why are you pushing so hard? I thought you were a city girl? “

It was at that moment that Young Miami cleared her completely of City Girl-East’s reaction.

“I am and that’s why I love Yo N *** and how many pictures you post are not coming from IDC!”

Gina Huyn tracks while Jabs trades with Young Miami

In a predictable twist, Gina has teased a new track that sounds exactly like what an Asian woman would record in the studio after colliding with DD.

“I’ll just drive them crazy, but keep my business in mind and get a bag,” Gina raped. “Imagine me paying a little attention to one of them that these axes would be sad.”

The model later clarified that she was Vietnamese and Black in response to her loose use of n-words in the song.

Do you think Young Miami did too much? Tell us below and peek at the tiniest reactions to her messy eTussle with Gina Huin on the flip.

“LMAO @ everyone is saying” this is just DD. “Keresha is arguing about a billionaire and you are all fighting to the death and fighting for NGAS. Those who are so broken can be claimed as dependent on your taxes. “- Huh, a sentence

“No shadows but all shadows … non-black / mixed girls think they chose the first round because they are calling it so ‘exotic’ and running around you curling up, hang delisus” – welppp

“I am not angry with Kerala. At least he’s arguing over a millionaire. I argued with a polo shirt and glasses a * gga. Honestly, there is a lesson behind this. ”- Ah Mann

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